I first met Lauren 8 years ago when my husband and I decided to embark upon a long- overdue living room renovation. I liked Lauren immediately, and felt very comfortable working with her. Without her, we probably still would be talking about renovating, without actually proceeding. We needed a little push, and she was the right person for the job.

Since that first renovation, we have lived through two additional projects, and now, thanks to Lauren, Mindy, and Caroyln, every room in our apartment (including two bathrooms and the kitchen) has been beautifully re-done.

Lauren’s taste is exceptional. However, what impressed us most about Lauren is her eye for space. She suggested some fairly minimal changes in the lay-out of our apartment which have made an extraordinary difference both in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Whereas we used to walk in to a cramped entryway, we now have a foyer with a sizeable and easily accessed closet. What was a hallway with opposing closet doors that continually banged into each other is now a spacious dressing area with a beautiful wall of built-in closets. By introducing an archway between the dressing area and our bedroom, Lauren injected architectural interest into what was otherwise a fairly non-descript space. For our living room, Lauren designed cabinetry that took into account all of our specified needs and maximized our storage space in a way that is essential to people living in Manhattan. The same is true for our new kitchen, which is much more practical than what it replaced, in addition to being a beautiful room.

In sum, we have been extremely impressed by Lauren’s talent and abilities, and have very much enjoyed getting to know her over the last several years. We could not recommend her more highly.

Joan Gross

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