We have been living in a Victorian house in Englewood, New Jersey for over 12 years. We have renovated and decorated our home in many stages (at least 6) over the years while raising 5 boys in the house. Each time we decided to improve our home, our first call was to Lauren Ostrow.

We love the way our home looks and believe that it incorporates our personal taste and needs. It is not easy to decorate and design a house that can hold up to our family, but Lauren and Mindy did just that. We are an active, athletic family with a love for music. They created ample space for sports equipment, baseball caps, sneakers, etc., in our house and helped convert the carriage house into a music studio with framed album covers and rock posters, as well as a kitchenette and bathroom that services the basketball court and pool. They decorated our library (incorporating my husband’s collection of 100 year old books), living room and dining room, reflecting the Victorian time period and all its quirkiness. Our master bedroom is beautiful and fresh looking even after 10 years of many of our sons coming in to jump on the bed and throw pillows around. The boys bedrooms are sharp looking and functional with lots of storage space.

We are about to embark on decorating our 6 year old son’s room and I am excited to work with Lauren and Mindy again. In addition to amazing decorative taste, Lauren and Mindy offer very professional service. One of them is always there to supervise when an installations is necessary. They are quick to respond to my phone message if I can’t reach them on their cell phones. They are always available to help with the repair and maintenance of previously decorated rooms. Follow up is Lauren’s trademark.

My many experiences with Lauren and Mindy have all been positive and I am happy to show my house to any of their prospective clients.

Sharon and Sol Merkin

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