My husband and I just finished building a new home. Lauren was involved from the beginning, and we found her help in all areas of the building and design process to be invaluable. She weighed in on our architectural plans and ensured that our vision could be a reality. We have four boys. She really listened to what our needs were and what we wanted in a home. My family truly agrees that she did a fabulous job! Lauren was involved in every stage of the construction. She has a unique ability to envision how each choice will affect the house as a whole. Now that we have moved in, we are amazed at the flow of the house, and how all choices from lights, to carpet, to paint colors are so connected and well though out.

Her decisive nature and impeccable taste assured my husband and I that our house was in the right hands. One of our favorite qualities was that she was always available to us. She made sure that her line was always open, to us, to our contractor, and anyone else who needed to speak with her. No question was ever insignificant and she always managed to solve any crisis and assuage any concerns we might have had. Her help went beyond furniture and paint choices she made our house into a home. We are so appreciative of everything she has done!

Karen and Chayim Kirschenbaum

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