It has long been a dream of mine to one day have Lauren Ostrow do my home. I met Lauren through my dear friend Mindy Miller. Mindy has worked with Lauren for over 30 years. Since the day I met Lauren our relationship has been one of admiration and mutual respect.

I have seen Lauren and Mindy’s work over the years and have admired the quality and beauty of it. When my husband and I bought our New York City apartment I interviewed one or two other design firms. They “yessed” me to death and I knew they were not for me. I wanted someone who would incorporate my vision but knew the correct path to take. I understood right away from my meeting with Lauren and Mindy that they could handle my entire job – from design, construction right through to decorating. Their work is not only beautiful, it’s practical as well.

Lauren chose the contractor, Petrocelli Construction, who did an amazing job. For everyone who has said that doing a NYC apartment is a disaster, they simply do not have the right people. When my husband and I tell everyone that our job came in on time and ran smoothly, without headaches, everyone looks at us in shock! That is exactly what took place. Other architects and design firms that come to see the apartment all have the same remarks – that it is the most well thought out apartment they have ever seen as well as being beautiful.

Lauren and Mindy are so much more to me than decorators and friends. We loved this project so much we wouldn’t hesitate to do it all again with the exact same team.

Esther Schulder

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