I began working with Lauren Ostrow Interior Design in the Fall of 1987. Over the last twenty years they have done a variety of space planning and interior design projects for my family. These include the two homes we have lived in, my husband’s personal office suites and four commercial properties in my husband’s company.

In both of my homes, in addition to decorating, Lauren, Mindy Miller and her staff involved with interior space planning that was practical and resulted in efficient use of space in every instance. In my current home which is large, historical house that underwent an extensive and complicated renovation with many challenges, they were involved from the initial stage with the architect and his team. They modified floor plans when needed and worked closely with his team to reconfigure some of the spaces. Their input was invaluable. In the process, they also planned carefully to place every piece of furniture I owned into the new house, finding in many instances new locations and usages for my things. All the decorated rooms are very warm and inviting with a mix of beautiful patterns and textures. They are classic, interesting and aging well.

It has always been a pleasure to work with Lauren, Mindy and their staff. Their ideas are fresh and innovative. Each renovation and interior design and decorating scheme adapts perfectly to its respective environment and setting. I am very proud of the restoration and design of my house and especially of the warmth it exudes in spite of its size. I would hire Lauren Ostrow Interior Design again and I know they would enhance any future design project I might consider.

Joyce and Daniel Straus

In 2012 I hired Lauren Ostrow Interior Design again for the apartment I purchased in NYC. We did a complete renovation and once again Lauren and her associates were involved from the very beginning in a collaboration with the architect to plan the space and select all the finishes. They then decorated the entire apartment. The finishes and furnishings are creative and beautiful and we so pleased with the result.

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